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Stars' Pyre's Journal
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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002
10:28 pm
How are you?
[2002:04:03:22:16:17] Orion: *murmers laxily* so are you feeling better today?
[2002:04:03:22:17:41] Stars' Pyre Ten no Ryuu: Worse, much worse.
Ya. Like you care enough to do anything about it. Might as well make it easy for you to skip it.Collapse )

Current Mood: crying
Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002
6:10 pm
Trying to make this Warcraft 3 beta CD image work . . .

Current Mood: frustrated
10:30 am
Yay!!! My site's back up!

feep! ftp's not accepting my password, though . . .
still can't get my mail . . . "connection refused".

Current Mood: optimistic
Monday, April 1st, 2002
7:07 pm
Server issues
10.wox.org and all its peers have been down for several days now, meaning I've not gotten any mail . . .

The web server's still down . . . and now I get this error when trying to get mail:

SSL Negotiation Failed: Certificate Error: Cert Chain not trusted. Try adding this certificate to your certificate database for SSL to succeed. Certificate bad: Destination Host name does not match host name in certificate Cause: (-6995)

You can send mail to ten10@ifucksuffedanimals.com in the mean time, or something . . .

Current Mood: aggravated
5:52 pm
Run Lola Run
I love this movie . . .

Current Mood: loved
12:53 pm
Does it surprise anyone that the root of the word entertain means to hold someone as they are?

Often, I have thought of forms of entertainment as exposing people to diverse experiences in a safe manner . . . yet, this term evolved into greater and greater usage even as human beings gained greater and greater power- perhaps not compared to world &c as a whole, yet certainly in the absolute sense. Thus, such safety may involve less importance, and one might much greater value in actual action . . .

The questions I ask now . . . What opportunities did the world accord me before? While entertainment held me, what opportunities disappeared, or appeared? What opportunities remain?

Current Mood: curious
Sunday, March 31st, 2002
10:58 pm
1:26 pm
& (Phil Current(lang(Scheme(personal(&
all (possibilities (exist (& do don't partially.

Knowns(0 observables(& obs (facets(& hinted symbolized)) observables(& partial subc cs.

goals (cs (decision (& infinite (focus (self determined.

decision(reliance priority(order obs sym((r high) (obs sym))
sym((r low ) (obs sym))
filtered randomness(filters(reliance priority.
options(& ((& + can) encourage) ((& - can't)oppose.|||

lang(scheme(& (interpret "(function var)") (example
"function(function (function var) (function (function var var var) ) var".
|||(close(to root.
. parens(+ close(+ 1 indent(left(line next.
(open 1).
r correlation.
subc(subconscious ness.
cs(conscious ness.
obs observable.
0(& var (& exclusive(all else.
&(inclusive var.
var variable.
lang language.|||

Credit( Legend( filtered randomness - > cs)Mercedes Lackey(Heralds of Valdemar("There is no one, true way

Current Mood: creative
12:46 pm
Stars' Pyre . . . in . . . . "Escape from L.A."
Just returned to Berkeley from Yangna. Met Eric, brother, mom, dad, Matthew Ballard, David Alfon-soon an LJ user, writing from Africa disaster sites in June-, Angelo- known from Palms Middle School, ganzagwenie, keithrichards- Keith and Gwen, you okay? You looked upset when we parted, and I'd like to help you if I can . . . . spoke with many people on the phone in attempt to hook-up . . . linenoise, Jeremy Kerr, James Popiedon +roommate Lewis, Tiffany Anderson- known from NHHS, many bus commutes-, Broadwa Jay +Karin, &c.
Many new media DvD - >(S)VCD/DivX on CD, games, software, music, m. vids < - & rentals internet friends . . .

Much fun w/ shorthand - > dense symbology/nested lang

Current Mood: succinct
12:35 pm
Aesthetics - > visual correlations with success
Such correlations vary from culture to culture, person to person, between different points in time for those groups &c

What means success and what measures success seem to enjoy much commonality between groups for some facets of experience like survival, sex, progeny raising &c, while enjoying great diversity between other facets of experience, such as the predicted enjoyment of a kiss, or efficiency at many a particular, abstract task such as skill with computers.

-> -> maps to/involves a very high observed correlation with

Current Mood: deep
Thursday, March 28th, 2002
5:30 pm
Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
8:06 pm
002 -> name suppressed on implicit request

[2002'03'27'07'48'07] 002: Well, you're acting like Sibe, honestly.
[2002'03'27'07'50'44] Stars' Pyre: ROFL
[2002'03'27'07'50'51] Stars' Pyre: I visit Sibe a lot = P
[2002'03'27'07'51'08] Stars' Pyre: Get media like Associated Student Bodies scans, and such.
[2002'03'27'07'51'15] Stars' Pyre: Just like I send such media to you = P
[2002'03'27'07'52'39] 002: *hmm-hmms and nods* Guess I deserved that one.
[2002'03'27'07'52'58] Stars' Pyre: *chuckles.
[2002'03'27'07'54'29] Stars' Pyre: Are you now ashamed that you accepted such from me?
[2002'03'27'07'54'46] Stars' Pyre: Most people dismiss it as being made in Japan, and so it doesn't count = P
[2002'03'27'07'54'57] Stars' Pyre: Not like furry artwork does, apparently.
[2002'03'27'08'07'14] 002: No, I get as pissed over Sibe's actions as most furries, as tempting as it is to copy such things for free.
[2002'03'27'08'25'09] *** 002 signed off at Wed Mar 27 08:25:08 2002.
[2002'03'27'08'29'31] Stars' Pyre: I think Sibe's flames offended a lot more people than Sibe's sharing of media.
[2002'03'27'08'29'57] Stars' Pyre: People like to pidgeon hole others into convenient little packages, though.
7:29 pm
Fear Shame Censorship Flames
I formed this entry of a composite of post replies to a now-deleted and since revised and re-posted journal entry.
On hatred, tolerance, love, and sharing. Collapse )

Current Mood: loved
7:29 pm
Cognition Ignition
[2002'03'26'16'06'40] Starspyre AIM: What makes up reality is experience. While we ourselves are infinite, our consciousness seems limited in experience. There are many ways in which people have expanded their consciousness. Through the studying and modelling of cognition, of the mind's interaction with the world using statistical tools and surveying, of the mind's systemic processes with functional magnetic resounance imagers and similar tools and the mapping and emulation and ultimately synthesis of cognitive function with learning computer programs- computational cognition- through the study, as an inspirational basis, of the techniques used by innumerable human beings to expand their consciousness, I have charted out the skeleton of a programme which will enable each and every person, simply by focusing their love, their will, to express themselves creatively through the customization of the very means by which they interact with their experiences.
7:49 am
LIVEJOURNAL T.V.!!!!!!!!!!
[2002'03'27'07'46'52] Diazynon: scandal! intrigue! murder!
[2002'03'27'07'47'56] Starspyre AIM: Wahooo!!!
[2002'03'27'07'47'58] Starspyre AIM: = P
[2002'03'27'07'48'21] Diazynon: livejournal is my new favourite TV show.
[2002'03'27'07'49'09] Starspyre AIM: *posts that to livejournal!!!*
[2002'03'27'07'50'35] Starspyre AIM: ROFL
[2002'03'27'07'50'41] Diazynon: I am fortunate in that I'm already quite careful in how much of myself I show to you to not show anything I wouldn't want the world to know.
[2002'03'27'07'51'50] Starspyre AIM: So you hide from me your shame?
[2002'03'27'07'52'42] Diazynon: oh, not just that.
[2002'03'27'07'52'46] Starspyre AIM: What else?
[2002'03'27'07'55'07] Diazynon: I will not tell you, for instance that I have a history midterm that I need to leave for, RIGHT NOW.
[2002'03'27'07'55'12] Diazynon: so there.
[2002'03'27'07'55'27] Starspyre AIM: *giggles.
[2002'03'27'07'55'28] *** Auto-response from Diazynon: I am away from my computer right now.
[2002'03'27'07'55'30] Starspyre AIM: Good luck!

Current Mood: silly
7:04 am
6:54 am
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Current Mood: busy
6:14 am
Chosen, Saved
Americans, meanwhile, expressed outrage at the decision, saying they had assumed they were God's chosen people. However, explained Archbishop Carey, "It only seems that way because so many people don't like you."
Source: SatireWire.com

I would say such about any people considering themselves chosen . . . certainly that happens all'e time in the heroic journey.

C.S. Lewis, if I recall correctly, said and wrote that humans were the only animal that think they to be saved.

While I don't think we know that, I do think we can determine for ourselves what saving entails, what we would save ourselves from, and what we would save ourselves to do.
Tuesday, March 26th, 2002
2:51 pm
Angst Summary Part Two of a continuing series . . . celebrating life-years
The makers of the A.I. production documentation really overused the score of the movie . . . I'm getting so tired of hering those twinkly bells or windchime or whatever . . .
Angst, Rage, and HistoryCollapse )

Current Mood: energetic
2:43 pm
Teddy!!! Sugokukawaiiyo!!! I want a supertoy like Teddy - = ^ . ^ = -
Watching the A.I. special features DvD, with all the production documentation . . . Teddy is soooooooo cute!!! Does anyone know if there was any merchandising down, or what have you, such that I could find a bear like Teddy to hug? ^ ^ I love that bear - = o ^ . ^ o = -

Whatever you think might've happened to David if his story had continued, Teddy certainly would remain. The sound engineer who picked Jack Angel said that he had looked for someone with a voice both of wisdom, and of calm, with an even-ness of tone similar to Eeyore from The House At Pooh Corner.

One of the lessons Steven Spielburg said he hoped to show in A.I. was that it matters less whether a machine can think, or a machine can love, than that what we can gain and return in kind . . . what love we put into our interactions, not just with machines . . . with every aspect of our lives. I think that how people treat this bear reflects a lot about how they share their love, both with themselves, and by extension of that, with others. The only prejudging done of Teddy involves people thinking Teddy's not someone who you'd prejudge, who would only engage in kind acts, an entity which, some person, at least, somewhere, loves. This enables people to act freely around Teddy . . . we see qualities of people otherwise who we only briefly glimpse on screen, and additional facets of people we see on screen on the time that they do not necessarily express to others.

Current Mood: loved
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