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10.wox.org and all its peers have been down for several days now, meaning I've not gotten any mail . . .

The web server's still down . . . and now I get this error when trying to get mail:

SSL Negotiation Failed: Certificate Error: Cert Chain not trusted. Try adding this certificate to your certificate database for SSL to succeed. Certificate bad: Destination Host name does not match host name in certificate Cause: (-6995)

You can send mail to ten10@ifucksuffedanimals.com in the mean time, or something . . .
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Does it surprise anyone that the root of the word entertain means to hold someone as they are?

Often, I have thought of forms of entertainment as exposing people to diverse experiences in a safe manner . . . yet, this term evolved into greater and greater usage even as human beings gained greater and greater power- perhaps not compared to world &c as a whole, yet certainly in the absolute sense. Thus, such safety may involve less importance, and one might much greater value in actual action . . .

The questions I ask now . . . What opportunities did the world accord me before? While entertainment held me, what opportunities disappeared, or appeared? What opportunities remain?
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& (Phil Current(lang(Scheme(personal(&

all (possibilities (exist (& do don't partially.

Knowns(0 observables(& obs (facets(& hinted symbolized)) observables(& partial subc cs.

goals (cs (decision (& infinite (focus (self determined.

decision(reliance priority(order obs sym((r high) (obs sym))
sym((r low ) (obs sym))
filtered randomness(filters(reliance priority.
options(& ((& + can) encourage) ((& - can't)oppose.|||

lang(scheme(& (interpret "(function var)") (example
"function(function (function var) (function (function var var var) ) var".
|||(close(to root.
. parens(+ close(+ 1 indent(left(line next.
(open 1).
r correlation.
subc(subconscious ness.
cs(conscious ness.
obs observable.
0(& var (& exclusive(all else.
&(inclusive var.
var variable.
lang language.|||

Credit( Legend( filtered randomness - > cs)Mercedes Lackey(Heralds of Valdemar("There is no one, true way
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Stars' Pyre . . . in . . . . "Escape from L.A."

Just returned to Berkeley from Yangna. Met Eric, brother, mom, dad, Matthew Ballard, David Alfon-soon an LJ user, writing from Africa disaster sites in June-, Angelo- known from Palms Middle School, ganzagwenie, keithrichards- Keith and Gwen, you okay? You looked upset when we parted, and I'd like to help you if I can . . . . spoke with many people on the phone in attempt to hook-up . . . linenoise, Jeremy Kerr, James Popiedon +roommate Lewis, Tiffany Anderson- known from NHHS, many bus commutes-, Broadwa Jay +Karin, &c.
Many new media DvD - >(S)VCD/DivX on CD, games, software, music, m. vids < - & rentals internet friends . . .

Much fun w/ shorthand - > dense symbology/nested lang
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Aesthetics - > visual correlations with success

Such correlations vary from culture to culture, person to person, between different points in time for those groups &c

What means success and what measures success seem to enjoy much commonality between groups for some facets of experience like survival, sex, progeny raising &c, while enjoying great diversity between other facets of experience, such as the predicted enjoyment of a kiss, or efficiency at many a particular, abstract task such as skill with computers.

-> -> maps to/involves a very high observed correlation with
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