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Stars' Pyre . . . in . . . . "Escape from L.A."

Just returned to Berkeley from Yangna. Met Eric, brother, mom, dad, Matthew Ballard, David Alfon-soon an LJ user, writing from Africa disaster sites in June-, Angelo- known from Palms Middle School, ganzagwenie, keithrichards- Keith and Gwen, you okay? You looked upset when we parted, and I'd like to help you if I can . . . . spoke with many people on the phone in attempt to hook-up . . . linenoise, Jeremy Kerr, James Popiedon +roommate Lewis, Tiffany Anderson- known from NHHS, many bus commutes-, Broadwa Jay +Karin, &c.
Many new media DvD - >(S)VCD/DivX on CD, games, software, music, m. vids < - & rentals internet friends . . .

Much fun w/ shorthand - > dense symbology/nested lang

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