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How are you?

[2002:04:03:22:16:17] Orion: *murmers laxily* so are you feeling better today?
[2002:04:03:22:17:41] Stars' Pyre Ten no Ryuu: Worse, much worse.

[2002:04:03:22:18:40] Orion: oh why, please tell me
[2002:04:03:22:18:44] Stars' Pyre Ten no Ryuu: In fact, I feel more especially, lucidly awful than I can ever remember.
[2002:04:03:22:19:17] Orion: what happened?
[2002:04:03:22:19:51] Stars' Pyre Ten no Ryuu: Endless frustration and disempowerment, distrust from friends, scorn from acquaintances, infamy and fear with peers, hatred from strangers.
[2002:04:03:22:20:17] Orion: *offers a shoulder for Star to rest her head on*
[2002:04:03:22:20:34] Stars' Pyre Ten no Ryuu: To top it off, I tried a little so-called premium beer today, just a sip, and now I feel like shit all over.
[2002:04:03:22:21:17] Stars' Pyre Ten no Ryuu: Not only it taste like bitter excrement, it immediately tied my stomach into knots and made like carnivorous worms eating themselves out from my stomach and brain.
[2002:04:03:22:21:48] Stars' Pyre Ten no Ryuu: Now I remember while I never have alcohol, why I'd not even tried it in half a decade, or more.
[2002:04:03:22:22:00] Orion: well i trust you explicitly and have nothing but good feelingss tward you
[2002:04:03:22:22:11] Stars' Pyre Ten no Ryuu: That's nice of you to say, about your shoulder, but it's not here, now is it?
[2002:04:03:22:22:18] Stars' Pyre Ten no Ryuu: It's over there, with you.
[2002:04:03:22:22:43] Stars' Pyre Ten no Ryuu: That's easy for you to do when there's nothing I could ever do to hurt you.
[2002:04:03:22:22:51] Stars' Pyre Ten no Ryuu: Let alone anything I could ever want to do.

hurt in all ways and meanings of the word I know.

It's especially humourous, I think, how when I feel really upset, I just express with my words any random bullshit, and expect that to some how communicate more of how I feel than some thematic distillation or other rhetorical device.
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